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Land Development and Construction Management

Our land development and construction team has a combined 75 years experience. Our services include site planning, site approval, development management and construction planning/management.


Investing in Real Estate has been Kodiaks mission from the start. Kodiak has put together a team that personally handles investments starting at the evaluation phase and ending at lease up and beyond. Kodiak is dedicated to making sure our clients are fully taken care of and they get a product that performs. Kodiaks vow is to never build an investment property they would not own themselves.  



Kodiak General Contracting started out with a mission to create monthly income through multi-family properties. Its first transactions were primarily purchase and hold which led to purchase, remodel and sell which led to develop, build and hold.

This process started in 2004 with the purchase of a single family rental and now Kodiak acquires land, develops the land and builds the product. Throughout this process Kodiak has come up with a formula that yields much higher returns than typical investment products.

Kodiak has put together a small but extremely powerful team with a combined experience of over 75 years in acquisition, land development, construction and leasing. Up until 2017, Kodiak had only invested for themselves, now, Kodiak has decided to offer its construction services to anyone wanting to build investment properties. Kodiak does not specialize in one aspect of this process, instead, they manage the entire process from start to finish. At no point does Kodiak leave you hanging to put together the pieces yourself; we will be there from the acquisition of land through the end of lease up and beyond!





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Spokane Valley, WA 99211

Tel: 509-210-2850


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